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Houston String Music has ...

  • delighted more than 6,300 Couples, Corporations, Service Organizations, & Congregations since 1990!
  • refined the Art of Entertainment!
  • the most extensive Musical Library!
  • the ability to play almost anything and can cater to you and your guests' tastes!
  • the most Professional Image!
  • the most competitive rates and fees.
  • by far the most talent and truly love Music!
  • the most warm & friendly personalities!
  Houston String Music

has played for...

Houston String Music

has played for...

      • National television
      • Cathedrals
      • National Public Radio
      • Carnegie Hall (NY)
      • Oxford University (UK)
      • several Festivals in Europe
      • Republican & Democratic Conventions
      • Civic Organizations
      • Presidents & Governors
      • Presidential Libraries
      • Olympic Events